Lifting a brand to be the thought leader of the next leap forward in technology: 5G




Sprint Business wanted to create a disruptive campaign about the latest mobile technology – as they’ll be on the forefront of the roll-out this technology for mass usage – they wanted to become the go-to spot for gaining knowledge about 5G, it’s capabilities and it’s use cases.

For this we created the internet’s most useful corner when it comes to 5G.

It combines digital experiences with glossaries, use case libraries and even documentary series to encapsulate the topic. All this backed by a huge media coverage which brought to life a crazy amount of online banner ads, articles, social media promotion materials and video content as well.

My role was to define a disruptive visual language within Sprint’s brand and direct the expansion of this language to cover every material in the campaign – to achieve a seamless campaign look and feel

Visit the explainer hub at:


We also cerated video series to complement the site:


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